By participating in HEI Initiative, the DEETCHTIVE project aims at transforming each participating HEI into universities of significantly increase entrepreneurial and innovation capacity, enhancing their impact on sorrounding ecosystem via the implementation of a number of dedicated actions boosting innovativeness and transfer best practices between the consortium entities. All this will be done following Specific Objectives:


WP1 Deep Tech Detector

Action 1 – Talent Hunter Space

[Leader: ITT]

WP1 “Deep Tech detector” refers to A.1 and aims to assist in scouting Deep Tech talents by
creating a Talent Hunter Space that will support the process of identifying talented students
and ecosystem’s key needs in students’ Deep Tech training portfolio. Training for non-academic staff will be provided to enhance their competencies in students’ career counseling
to excel in deep tech professions.

WP2 Knowledge Triangle Networks

Action 2 – Deep Tech Dates 

[Leader: HIT]

The objective of WP2 “Knowledge Triangle Networks” is to improve knowledge triangle
integration, establishing new and enhancing existing collaborations of entities focused on
innovation and entrepreneurial aspects in Deep Tech by organizing Deep Tech Dates – open-access networking and mutual learning events, as well as creating Knowledge Triangle
Networks based on Synergy profiling tool.


Action 3 – International Open Innovation Training IDEA-up DEEP TECH &  Action 4 – Deep Tech Innovation Challenges

[Leader: EPF]

The objective of WP3 “Crowd wisdom for Deep Tech” is to support entrepreneurial education and increase innovation quality. It will be achieved by two actions A.3 and A.4. The IDEA-up DEEP TECH training will cover state-of-the-art approaches, methods and case studies with a special focus on innovation and entrepreneurship capacity building, as well as the development of deep tech ventures for engineering students. The Deep Tech Innovation Challenges will contribute to the development by HEI students of solutions focused on Deep Tech topics that respond to the challenges and needs of organizations from regional innovation value chains.

WP4 Innovation Launcher

Action 5 – Pre Incubation Mentoring Program: GROW UP TECH &  Action 6 – Start-up booster

[Leader: CUAS]

WP4 “Innovation launcher”, referring to A.5 and A.6, aims to increase the quality of
innovation and support entrepreneurial education through the implementation of pre-incubation mentoring program and following start-ups’ support activities. GROW UP TECH intense program will be created to provide innovation and entrepreneurship-focused mentoring for deep tech talents. Within Start-up Booster the available services and support mechanisms offered by PP (mentoring, legal advice, IP protection, etc.) will be matchmaked with DT startup needs and direct support will be provided.